Lebanese Cuisine
with a Twist

Semsom was founded in 2008 by Christine Sfeir, one of Arabian Business' Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women. After touring and sourcing local villages around Lebanon, hunting for new takes on old recipes, our team accumulated more than 1,500 recipes -- all directly from our guests!

Semsom created Healthy and delicious Lebanese dishes with a modern twist. Made from fresh ingredients and innovative pairings like hummus and sumac, orange blossom water and osmalieh vermicelli, Semsom is perfect for every day.

By 2011, the first Semsom franchise opened in Jeddah and later that year Semsom was named the fastest growing company in Lebanon. Semsom continues to grow today, and is now in Five Countries in the Middle East. In 2015 Semsom continued its global expansion with the first outlet opening in New York City, followed by 2 more stores in 2016 and many more to come.

To meet the many needs of our guests, Semsom developed three formats that fit every lifestyle and taste bud, while still remaining true to our core values and commitment to excellence.

Pamper yourself in a full table service setting with premium cuisine. Savor our food and vibrant surroundings while enjoying your friends and family.
Our Fresh-casual format provides tasty and affordable food from locally-sourced and all-natural ingredients, Semsom Eatery is your home away from home. Unwind for a moment, escape the bustling city life, and enjoy our cuisine in an environment as eclectic as we are!
Need to grab a quick bite?
Enjoy our fresh On The Go format in different locations:
on the beach, in street food markets, in food courts,
and in every possible corner…