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Our Twist
During the "Semsomiyat" Project, we conducted extensive research and development with top chefs, toured Lebanese villages to shed a light on their signature dishes, and launched several recipe hunts. Our quest resulted in 1,500 new recipes from our customers!
Seasoned Hummus Our specialty hummus are coloured by nature only! Exotic herbs and spices like sumac, thyme and rosemary transform traditional hummus into a dip that's sure to be your new favourite thing.
Parsley The bright notes of this garnish are impossible to ignore. Parsley boosts your immune system because it's bursting with Iron and Vitamin C. No wonder it's been the primary herb in Mediterranean plates for more than 2,000 years!
Tabbouleh Our grandmother's recipe of parsley, tomatoes and onions, with a hint of bulgur is always fresh and balanced. For a modern twist, we've created a second dish by adding feta cheese and a third one with lentils! Why not try them all?
Pomegranate A symbol of fertility and eternal life in the Ancient world, this seductive antioxidant is tart and nutrient dense. In order to get those taste buds dancing, pair Pomegranate seeds with citrus.
Saj The quintessential Mediterranean comfort food! Saj is lighter than Pita bread and thinner than a wrap. We’ve revisited the traditional recipe to develop a range of great tastes from olives to wild thyme or sun-dried tomatoes, while the topping possibilities are endless, thyme is our all-thyme favorite!
Orange blossom water For us, spring smells like orange blossom. For centuries, Mediterranean desserts have been flavoured with floral water. This aroma adds a natural sweet touch without adding sugar so you can make a habit of indulging.
Chickpeas Did you know the plant itself has white flowers with pink and purple veins? Easily the most famous legume, the chickpea is packed with protein, fibre and iron. Its incredible ability to adapt to different recipes has made it a Mediterranean staple.
Ghazel bel wareid(Frozen Rose fluffs) We top our signature rose water ice cream with all-natural cotton candy. It's the perfect combination of fluffy, airy textures and floral flavor!
Kebbe Lebanese meatballs, also known as Kebbe, are filled with healthy, natural ingredients like cheese spreads and hummus. These hearty bites pair perfectly with mint yogurt, green salads, or our seasoned hummus.
Sumac Sumac decorates every meal with the flaming colours of autumn. The word means "red" and many people still use the leaves today as a dye. Easily our favourite spice, the sharp, tangy taste makes everything better, especially our hummus!
Freekeh (Green Wheat) With four times as much fiber as other comparable grains and a very low glycemic index, many consider Freekeh, or Green Wheat, to be a superfood. It also tastes great, bringing a mild, crunchy taste to every meal!
Dried Fruits
& Nuts
Power snacks can be hard to find, but our Lebanese Trail Mixes—filled with dried figs, apricots, and roasted
nuts—are the answer to your cravings. All part of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, these guilt-free munchies are hard to resist.
Olive oil The truest staple of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is in almost everything because it's awesome. Unlike partially hydrogenated oils, olive oil is a healthy source of monosaturated fats that will lower your risk of heart disease.
Grilled Falafel Semsom created a healthy, grilled alternative for this 100% vegan patty. These crispy balls pair great with our seasoned hummus or our signature Saj.
Gateau de
Christine and Carine’s grandfather’s chocolate cake recipe made it to every one of their birthday celebrations across the world (sometimes via FedEx!). This pastry oozes with dark chocolate frosting and tastes like love. We can’t wait to share it with you!
Mhallabieh (Lebanese Pannacotta) Our Lebanese pannacotta is perfumed with orange blossom water and topped with crushed pistachios or fruit syrup. Freshly made every day, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge.
Lentils Lentils are the new way to a heart-healthy diet! Nutty in flavor, dense in fiber, and low in fat - your body will fall in love with this legume.